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Deborah Sfez MY MOTHER AND I 9__edited_edited.jpg

“… nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of evolution”, Theodosius Dobzhansky.


The series, “The Clone” is an imagined Genetic Engineering of my own self portrait by means of Collage.

Using my artistic tools: my Camera, scissors and glue, I researched on rather crucial questions as, what is Genetic?

Do we have the right to interfere with the natural course of Genetics in the recreation processus?

By engineering Genetics, are we not creating monstrous humans, that we will not live to see, but that will be the Human Species of the Future?

Has Science gone too far in the DNA research?

Have we not neglected the Moral and Philosophical aspects of our human existence?

By transforming my own portrait into a monstrous disfigured one I hope to urge the viewer to think

about those important questions.


Deborah Sfez, 2017.

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