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Deborah Sfez MY MOTHER AND I 9__edited_edited.jpg

At CIRCLE Magazin August 2022.

..."I have studied classical guitar as a young girl, and I used to play the piece called: “Dance of the washerwomen” by Hans Newsidler, When I saw those Ivorian men washing clothes in the  polluted water channel, I was invaded by strong feelings, as the atmosphere of the scene was so pastoral and reminded me, ironically, of some impressionist paintings, where women wash their laundry in the translucide bleu water of the river, yet what I was looking at and instantly shooting with my camera, was a live oxymoron of ugliness and beauty, of humanity in its basic sense. I am a multidisciplinary artist working in the fields of photography, video, poetic writing, and filmed performances, I use anything I know to communicate emotions with viewers from all over the planet talking about the essence of humanity and the true meaning of existence".

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